About Us

The story of Utica Pizza Company



It's all about our family roots

Our family roots reach back to a small family farm outside Utica, NY. A farm that provided my grandparents a hard working existence - nourishing the land to produce the freshest quality of fruits and vegetables. Our childhood lessons included the benefit of hard work and personal sacrifice, so when it came to food we never cut corners and a passion for simple but really good food began.

The lessons I learned as a boy continue to hold true today

All my recipes reach back from my grandmothers to my mother, and today to you. We take personal pride and dedication to serving you quality food with only the best ingredients prepared our own way.

Utica has been known for delicious and unique Italian food since the early 1900s. Original dishes like Utica Greens, Chicken Riggies and Tomato Pie were created there inspiring thousands of outsiders to get off the New York State Thruway to get lunch, dinner or simply a slice.We decided to showcase these Utica classics, along with many more Italian favorites in our Pizzaria restaurant! As well as the flavors and love that we put into the creation of each and every one of our meals, through recipes handed down by our ancestors.


The Russo Family